Conan: Conan The Mercenary (Supplement) (HC)

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Welcome to the Battlefield ?I?M A MERCENARY. I SELL MY SWORD TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER. I NEVER PLANTED WHEAT AND NEVER WILL, SO LONG AS THERE ARE OTHER HARVESTS TO BE REAPED WITH THE SWORD.? The Hyborian Age is a time of incessant war. The armies of kings and queens cannot master the battlefield alone, and the task is left to those sell-swords who trade blood for coin. In Conan the Mercenary, the battle fields are yours to kill for, and to die on. Join legendary mercenary companies, support revolts, or fight for the throne. It matters not the motive for war ? gold is the wage for your blade. The jeweled thrones of the Earth tremble when mercenaries mass against them, and citizens pray to their gods when those selfsame killers are out of work and turn to banditry. In this age, the records of war and battle are mankind?s only testament, and names are written on the annals of history in blood. Join your dog-brothers and sword-sisters on the fields of battle, and take your pay in gold and glory! New archetypes, talents, and equipment, allowing you to create your own mercenary characters and companies, with all the skills needed to conquer your enemies! A gazetteer covering locations in Conan?s world, where rulers attempt to take and maintain thrones, and mercenary armies are the forces that make the diff erence. Inside are detailed guides to Koth, Ophir, Shem, and Khoraja. Learn the ways of the mercenary ? sieges, battles? victories, as well as defeats ? and the time spent carousing between. Writeups for Conan the Mercenary, Tsothalanti, Pelias, Prince Almaric, Princess Yasmela, Thugra Khotan, and monstrous foes such as the Nightmare Mount, Iron Statues, and Satha the Old One. An all-new system for mass battles! Command the very troops that live and die in the profession of arms. Stunning art and maps, produced by world renowned Conan artists. Developed with leading Conan scholars, this is war as Howard depicted it ? savage, unforgiving, and heaped in both gore and glory!

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