Conan: Conan the Thief (Sourcebook)

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Whatever it is you seek, fast hands and quicker wits can forge a legend. From the choked avenues of the most dangerous cities to the marbled corridors of the wealthiest palaces, master thieves and deadly assassins seek to make their fortunes, risking all in pursuit of gold, prestige, and respect. Embark upon dangerous heists, avoiding traps, watchmen, hideous creatures, and fell sorceries in pursuit of treasures beyond your wildest dreams. Work alongside legendary thieves of Conan`s world, carrying out robberies worthy of their reputation, or work against them and take the riches of the world for yourself! Steal wealth beyond measure, avoid capture, and secure yourself a place in infamy with Conan the Thief, a complete sourcebook for Robert E. Howard`s Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of Roleplaying Game. Conan the Thief takes you into the dark underworld of the Hyborian Age, with a gazetteer covering the cities of Nemedia, Brythunia, Corinthia, Shadizar, and Zamora, where thieves prosper and riches are there for the plunder!

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