Conan: Monolith Sourcebook

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"The Monolith Sourcebook is a must for the fans of the Conan boardgame. A new campaign, solo rules that open a new range of options, and interaction with the current Conan RPG, are some of the elements that make it interesting. Fans of the current Conan RPG who do not own the Conan boardgame will also be enticed; isn't it time you invested in the boardgame already?" - RPG Net Review Based on the hit boardgame and the award-winning roleplaying game! CONSIDER WHAT I HAVE TOLD YOU, BARBARIAN,? SAID XALTOTUN. ?YOU WILL HAVE PLENTY OF LEISURE. I HAVE NOT YET DECIDED WHAT I SHALL DO WITH YOU. IT DEPENDS ON CIRCUMSTANCES YET UNBORN. BUT LET THIS BE IMPRESSED UPON YOU: THAT IF I DECIDE TO USE YOU IN MY GAME, IT WILL BE BETTER TO SUBMIT WITHOUT RESISTANCE THAN TO SUFFER MY WRATH.? Since the introduction of fantasy into wargaming, Robert E. Howard?s Conan has loomed large across popular culture, recently inspiring the award-winning Robert E. Howard?s Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of roleplaying game and Monolith?s hit Conan boardgame. Here, for the first time ever, is the crossover between these two games: miniatures and roleplaying adventure meet in the Hyborian Age! Developed closely with Monolith Entertainment, The Monolith Sourcebook provides players and gamemasters with a host of exciting material: new campaigns for both games, standalone adventures, and advice for creating original boardgame adventures using the roleplaying resources. A Red Tide to Kush, a complete boardgame campaign with ten new scenarios. A solo/cooperative campaign made up of nine new scenarios for the boardgame. Shadows from Gulsaggah, a complete roleplaying adventure campaign set in the legendary Black Coast. Rules for solo and cooperative play for the boardgame. Guidelines for using Conan tiles and roleplaying resources to create new scenarios for the boardgame. Characters, monsters, equipment, and artifacts, from Amboola the Spearman to Xuthal?s Crown Get the most out of Monolith?s Conan boardgame with this essential sourcebook! Requires two Conan tile sets ? Perilous Ruins & Forgotten Cities and Forbidden Places & Pits of Horror ? to play; the Conan boardgame King?s Pledge for tabletop action; and the Robert E. Howard?s Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of core rulebook for roleplaying game excitement.

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