Cthulhu City (Trail of Cthulhu Supp. Hardback)

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Enter a place born from all of Lovecraft?s creations, and governed by servitors of the Old Ones.­­ Great Arkham ? the Cthulhu City. There is ? by certain unreliable and maddening accounts, and now by your own dreadful experience ? a city on the eastern seaboard of the United States, in northern Massachusetts. You do not recall seeing it on maps when you were growing up, and no-one of your acquaintance ever admitted coming from that place until you found yourself living within its eerie confines. It is a city of windowless cyclopean skyscrapers, of crumbling baroque buildings and ruins that must, impossibly, predate human habitation in this part of the world. At times, you can see remnants of familiar small towns which have grown together into this monstrous conurbation ? Dunwich in the west, beyond Sentinel Hill; quaint Kingsport, by the sea; industrial Innsmouth, the engine of trade and commerce; and the city?s heart, Old Arkham.

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