Dark Souls: The Board Game - Phantoms Expansion

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Summoned characters can be used to assist players during difficult boss battles. Each summon has a unique personality. Some will steadfastly block attacks whilst others will hang back and sling spells at enemies. Summons included: Horace the Hushed, Eygon of Carim, Siegwald of Catarina, Ruined Alfis, Sword Master, Lucatiel of Mirrah, Sirris of the Sunless Realms, Sellsword Luet, Rogue Witch Beatrice, Solaire of Astora. The invaders are less altruistic than summons and will harry players' efforts to fight the denizens of Dark Souls?. Invaders included: Armorer Dennis, Marvelous Chester, Invader Brylex, Paladin Leroy, Fencer Sharron, Longfinger Kirk, Melinda the Butcher, Maldron the Assassin, Maneater Mildred, Xanthous King Jeremiah, Oliver the Collector. Contents: 10x Summon Miniatures 1x Summon Health Dial 10x Summon Data Cards 40x Summon Behaviour Cards 11x Invader Miniatures 12x Invader Data Cards 64x Invader Behaviour Cards 12x Treasure Cards 15x Invader Tokens 1x Rules Insert

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