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Build your adventures whatever they are, without limitations. Compose the planks to create infinite settings. Place the tokens to make your games richer in detail ...and remember, everything is rewritable! Challenge all sorts of adversities and opponent with tons of available monsters. Unleash your imagination and making it real! Speed up your gaming sessions thanks to environmental and status tokens. A project designed by roleplayers for roleplayers! More than 500 Components: ? 126 Tiles ? 24 Characters Tokens ? 101 Creatures Tokens ? 30 Large Creatures Tokens ? 140 Environment Tokens ? 80 Status Tokens ? 6 Character Sheets ? 2 Eraseable Markers ? Blank Tokens ? Stands ? Free FWC Web App Code Plan your adventure, compose the map and place the monsters, finalize the details and finally get ready to play! Get the code inside the box and free download the app. The game is language-independent.

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