Fifth Edition Fantasy 01: Glitterdoom

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Fifth Edition Fantasy is here! This level 3 adventure module is fully compatible with the fifth edition of the world?s first fantasy RPG, and ready to play in your home campaign! Centuries ago, the glitterdoom came to the dwarves of Steelhand Clan! This divine curse transformed the dwarves into hellish forms with an insatiable greed for gold. Now, a chance encounter breaks open long-sealed gates to unleash the glitterdoom again. Can your adventurers delve into the forgotten halls to confront the subterranean menace? This all-new 5E adventure module includes a new dwarf sub-race and a new PC background! Digital Edition: The printed version of this module has a code printed on the first page that allows the purchaser to download a free digital edition. This digital edition will be updated regularly as needed to remain current with 5E rules and learnings. As a print purchaser you will always have access to the latest edition of this module!

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