Heart Quickstart Edition

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The Heart is a roiling tear of unreality beneath the city of Spire. Within its borders, there are routes to unknown places, great secrets, shrines to long-dead gods, and monsters the like of which have never been seen on the surface world. In the Heart RPG, players take on the role of delvers - strange, desperate, broken people exploring the nightmare city in search of the object of their obsessions. Take your first steps into the City Beneath with this streamlined version of the rules for the Heart RPG. This document includes: All the rules you need to adventure, go mad and die in the Heart; Five pre-generated characters with space for advancement - the magic- addicted Junk Mage, the zealous Heretic, the noble Vermissian Knight, and more; An adventure, Drowned, which sees you rescuing vital components from a lost settlement to put a stop to coral-boned monsters flooding the Church of the Moon Beneath with salt water.

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