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Indulgence is a trick-taking game for 3-4 players, featuring the stellar artwork of Chelsea Harper. On their turn, players choose an edict that gives the rule for the hand. The other players then decide if they want to violate the edict by doing the opposite of what it commands. So, ?Don?t take any Medicis? suddenly becomes ?I must take all the Medicis?. Committing a sin can be challenging, but a player attempting it gets the benefit of the indulgence, a large token that turns one of their cards into a winning hand. Can you trick your opponents into committing sins without the indulgence? Can you avoid sinning yourself? Whoever can pull that off will end up with a pile of florins and the title of victor. COMPONENTS 36 Family Cards 20 Double-Sided Edict Cards 1 Edict Deck Cover Card 4 Papal Bull cards 20 Five-Florin Gems 25 One-Florin Coins 4 Jewelry Box Cards 1 Indulgence Ring

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