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Hardcover Scenario Collection 224 pages Screams and Whispers is a scenario collection with six newly written scenarios. They follow a variation of themes and touch upon different genres of horror, all firmly rooted within the KULT mythos and setting. It Started and Ended with Screams: The players are all teenagers that are sent to St. Jude?s Centre for Troubled Youths. Here, in this strict institution, where the windows are barred and the doors are locked they soon discover that this place has many secrets. This is a scenario based around human drama, systemic abuse and desperate pacts. It is written by Matthew Dawkins who also wrote The Summit for the previously released scenario collection Taroticum and Other Tales. He is perhaps mostly known for his many contributions to the World of Darkness setting but here he again embraces the KULT mythology in a very daring and intimate scenario. Hell is Other People: Three people are riding in a limousine through a dark and nameless city. They are all going to the same place and as the ride goes on we learn more and more about their hidden secrets and the desperate desires and black envy they hold for each other. This is a short and unconventional scenario created by Anders Fager, a renowned Swedish horror writer, who among his award winning Lovecraft books, wrote the KULT: Divinity Lost novel For the Love of Goddess. Downfall: When an aspiring writer goes missing, all that is left behind are unpaid bills, a locked suitcase, and a tattered yellow notebook. As fiction threatens to spill into the real world, his friends and relatives embark on an investigation to piece together a gruesome tale of self-discovery, enlightenment and passion. The newcomer M. Martial explores passion and grotesque body horror in the vein of early Cronenberg movies.

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