Star Trek Adventures: Next Generation Klingon Tile Set

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This gaming tile set contains 16 double sided tiles for a total of 32 interchangeable 240mm square and 120mm by 240mm map tiles of Klingon starship interiors. Arm yourselves and prepare for battle through Klingon corridors, or repel boarding parties from the bridge! These Star Trek Adventures geomorphic gaming tiles are inspired by set designs and the Klingon bird-of-prey Owners? Workshop Manual, in consultation with Rick Sternbach and designed by José Esteras. From the judgement hall, to cloaking generator rooms and Klingon bridges, the Star Trek: The Next Generation Klingon Tile Set map a glorious battlefield! The Klingon Tile Set contains fully realised top-down designs of key locations on a Klingon starship: the bridge, engineering, transporter rooms, sickbay, plus other rooms, corridors and shuttlebays. Movement area markings compatible with the 2d20 system for use with the Star Trek Adventures conflict rules.

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