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Description Wargames Illustrated WI414 June 2022 Edition This issues content QUICK FIRE Take inspiration from the hobby projects of other gamers and painters in Quick Fire! OBSERVATION POST This month?s OP covers the Old West, the New West (sci-fi gunslingers), War of the Austrian Succession, Border Reivers, cartoon characters, Spanish Handgunners, and Charles S. Grant. There?s something for everyone! RELEASE RADAR Dom Sore?s back and casting a light on various new and upcoming releases you can add to your collection of gaming goodies. FULL PAPER JACKET Neil Smith cracks the spines of a selection of recently released and wargamer friendly history books. THEME: PRUSSIA AT WAR Neil Smtih is back introducing this month?s theme by taking us on a brief tour of the rise of the Prussian Empire and its wargaming potential. DESIGNER?S NOTES: BEYOND THE EMPIRE Chris Swan explains how his Beyond the Empire rules encompass the many conflicts fought in Central Asia immediately after WWI. THEME: FRAME FOCUS ? QUICK FIX PRUSSIANS Warlord Games? Alister Daire shares how he got his Prussian plastics tabletop ready with minimal effort. HOLD FAST! Editor Dan takes on Game Designer Gabrio using a scenario and new rules from Hold Fast! the first supplement for Black Seas. FRAME FOCUS: RUSSIAN AND PRUSSIAN NAPOLEON CAVALRY Wargames Illustrated visited Alan Perry to find out about his latest plastic project, Napoleonic Prussian and Russian Dragoons and Jägers. NEPTUNE AND MARS GO TO WAR Following on from last issue?s combined operations theme and his article on the expedition warfare of the Sea Peoples, Colonel (Retired) Bill Gray casts his gaze over the conquests of Alexander and the Roman Empire. THEME: THE PRUSSIANS ARE COMING Michael Perry?s latest gaming project sees a Prussian army, buoyed by their success in the Franco-Prussian War, set their sights on England?s green and pleasant land. HOW TO ? BUILD A POST MILL Paul Davies shows us how to build a small scale post mill usable across various periods. THEME: PRUSSIAN PERFECTION Wi Painter Callum painted a spectacular looking Epic Battles: Waterloo Prussian Brigade Commander; he explains some of his advanced techniques. THE MISADVENTURES OF DOMNAL BRECC Game Designer Daniel Mersey looks at a feckless Dark Age warlord and the challenge of gaming with underachieving generals. THEME: END OF THE PRUSSIAN EMPIRE Jim Graham looks at the part the veteran Friekorps played during the war in Latvia and the Prussian Empire?s last adventure in the East. FALKLANDS WAR ANNIVERSARY ? PAINTING THE COMBATANTS In this first part of our Falklands trilogy, Wi Painter Marc shows how he brought the combatants to life with his fine brushwork.

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