Forbidden Lands Crypt of the Mellified Mage (Adventure Supp)

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Kategorie: Die Verbotenen Lande / Forbidden Lands

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Lit by guttering candles, the timeworn saint?s shrine still reeks of burnt offerings. Plaster dust floats in the still air as you smash away a mosaic depicting a wondrous healer tending wounds with a honeyed touch ? eyes become bright and clear, limbs vital rather than withered, the dead rise from their graves and dance about him. As the mural crumbles beneath your determined blows, a blackened iron door is revealed, decorated with the image of a bee. The air beyond is stale, yet tinged with the putrid smell of spoiled meat and something oddly floral?. This volume collects four adventure sites for Forbidden Lands. Within these pages you will visit a dungeon of dripping honey, explore a firing pit for magical pottery, stand in awe of the temple of a monkey king, and go on a dizzying tour through the mind of a mad mage. This book contains: Crypt of the Mellified Mage by Fiona Maeve Geist (Mothership) The Firing Pit of Llao-Yutuy by David McGrogan (Yoon-Suin) Temple of the Six-Limbed Lord by Zedeck Siew (A Thousand Thousand Islands) The Dream-Cloud of E?lok Thir by Adam Koebel (Dungeon World) Art by Alvaro Tapia

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