Numenera: Character Options 2

Indispensible and Exciting New Options - ust in Time for Numenera OP and Torment Players love new options for their characters. This followup to the very popular Numenera Character Options contains over 50 new foci and descriptors, including location-based and racial descriptors. But players will be especially excited about two entire new types - the glint and the seeker. They're the first new types ever added to the game, making this a real must-have for players! - It's a character book. What can we say - they sell! - Introduces the first new types (the Cypher System equivalent of classes) for Numenera since the corebook! - All the incredible creativity of Numenera at its best. - A compelling product at an easy price for Torment: Tides of Numenera players getting into the tabletop game.
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