The Fractured Void A Twilight Imperium Novel - EN

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A brave starship crew are drawn into the schemes of interplanetary powers compeO ng for galactic domination, in this epic space opera from the best-selling strategic boardgame, Twilight Imperium. Captain Felix Duval and the crew of the Temerarious quietly patrol a remote Mentak Coalition colony system where nothing ever happens. But when they answer a distress call from a moon under attack, that peaceful existence is torn apart. They rescue a scientist, Thales, who?s developing revolutionary technology to create new wormholes. He just needs a few things to make it fully operational? and now, ordered to aid the scientist, the Temerarious is targeted by two rival black-ops teams intent on reacquiring Thales. Can Felix trust Thales? Or is this a conspiracy to tip the balance of power in the galaxy forever?

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