Wargames Illustrated 337 November 2015

THEME: imperial playground In our lead article for this month's theme, Stuart Asquith takes us on a journey into the history behind this fascinating and unique gaming genre; the Back of Beyond. THE LAST BATTLE OF TANK 66 The Battlefront Studio Team play out one of the dramatic encounters from Harold Coyle's novel Team Yankee, using their new rules of the same name. THEME: TERRAIN FOR BACK OF BEYOND GAMES How do you re-create the Back of Beyond on the tabletop? Jared Lynn outlines the types of varied terrain that was typical for Central Asia. FIGURE SPOTLIGHT: FROM THESES TO PIKES Neil Smith offers some thoughts on how to make the best use of the Wars Of Religion Infantry boxed set from Warlord Games. THEME: B.O.B. DOWN UNDEr Aramiha Harwood takes a club's eye view of gaming in the Back of Beyond with his mates from the Sanctum forum / Little Wars Crew in Melbourne, Australia. WATERLOO 2015: A PARTICIPANT2019S VIEW A unique insight into the recent event to commemorate the 200th Anniversary of Waterloo by one of the reenactors. THEME: THE MANCHURIAN EXPRESS A rip-roaring adventure inspired by the type of movie that any Back Of Beyond gamer needs to see! PAINTING AGINCOURT 2015 A guide to the painting of 4,000 figures for the Agincourt wargames diarama seen in our last issue. THEME: TIN LIZZIES Nick Buxey provides a guide for those who wish to traverse the open spaces of the B.O.B. in motor vehicles. DESIGNERS NOTES: IRON CROSS The latest offering from Great Escape Games focuses on World War Two and the more epic scale of combined arms battles across the globe. THEME: MAKING A BACK OF BEYOND BUILDING Chris Schuetz provides a guide to creating suitable Central Asian buildings for use on the table. FIGURE SPOTLIGHT: BANNON2019S BOYS AND POTECKNOV2019S BEARS A look at the first box sets for Battlefront's Team Yankee game. THEME: POPULATING THE BACK OF BEYOND Lon Teal knows that any BoB player will be looking for inspiration and suitable miniatures to create the hectic action found at the far flung corners of the earth, so here is a guide to what is out there. IDEOLOGICAL MERCENARIES Empress Miniatures2019 Paul Eaglestone provides an account of the Battle of Guadalajara, March 1937, in which the Spanish Civil War became a battle between opposing Italian forces as well! St lucia 1807 Ron Ringrose2019s Salute Challenge Trophy wining game featured plenty of Tall (model) Ships. Given the chance to see more of his ship collection, we happily attended. RULES SHOWCASE: KINGS OF WAR 2ND EDITION We cast our net even wider this month and take a look at these new mass combat rules from Mantic Games
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