Wargames Illustrated 343

Wargames Illustrated is packed with informative articles, immersive imagery, hobby articles and gaming news. Crammed with exciting wargaming news and articles that will inspire you to get back to your painting desk or gaming table again and again, Wargames Illustrated is the premier tabletop gaming magazine. THEME: THE DUKE OF MARLBOROUGH Theme content begins with an outline of England2019s last great General. HIT THE BEACHES! The Flames Of War team presents a look at the new format and focus behind their foray into the hard fought Pacific War. THEME: YOUNG CHURCHILL Nick Eyre takes us back to a time when the future Duke of Marlborough was a dashing young officer who led from the front on the battlefield. DISASTER AT KUT Paul Leach takes us to Mesopotamia, 1916 and provides both background and scenario for a crucial WWI battle. THEME: GETTING TO GRIPS WITH MARLBOROUGH2026 ON CAMPAIGn Jim Graham attempts to replicate some of the problems faced by Marlborough during his military career for the tabletop general seeking the full experience. WHITE LINE FEVER Harking back to our post-apocalyptic themed issue (WI332), Dave Taylor looks at the options available for those looking to take to the highways of the near future. THEME: KILL THE KING! Barry Hilton recounts a tale of dark deeds in an age of Enlightenment. GUARDIAN ANGEL In the first of a series of articles, we present an official scenario for Terminator Genysis: The Miniatures Game based upon events from the movie. In this 1984, there are two T-800 Model 1012019s2026 THEME: GETTING TO GRIPS WITH MARLBOROUGH2026 IN BATTLE How can you 2018become2019 Marlborough when taking his role during wargames? THEY CAME FROM THE SEA The Flames Of War team return to examine the role of Amphibious Tanks during the Pacific War. FIGURE SPOTLIGHT: THE MARLBURIAN ERA A look at the figures which are available for the discerning wargamer across a range of sizes and budgets. FROSTGRAVE SKELETON ARCHERS Frostgrave author Joseph McCullough provides us with some exclusive new content which introduces Skeleton Archers into the game. BEWARE OF THUGGEES! A look at a gang, active during the 19th Century, infamous for their murderous ways and the target for many a punitive expedition by British Imperial forces. VERDUN Inspired by WI3392019s Food for Fort article, we return to Verdun for more WWI action. how to: BACK OF BEYOND Paul Davies shows us how to create buildings for the Back of Beyond. designers notes: en garde! The author2019s eye view on Osprey2019s new swashbuckling skirmish wargames rules. RULES SHOWCASE: Oscar, sierra, charlie Evil Bear Wargames show us their new skirmish level Near Modern game. CLUB FOCUS: Peterborough WARGAMES CLUB In his second outing, WI Sub-Editor Wayne once again sets off to check out which games matter to another set of hobbyists.
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