Wargames Illustrated 353

OBSERVATION POST We take a selective look at some of the wargaming related releases coming your way in the next few months. THEME: NEVER SAY NEVER Game designer Phil Yates discusses the methodology behind the creation of the new version of Flames Of War. DESIGNER'S NOTES: MAELSTROM2019S EDGE Spiral Arms Studios provide an insight into the creation of their sci-fi universe and the gaming products based within it. THEME: ARMOURED CHARIOTS A closer look at the new plastic German and British tanks for the Desert War phase of World War Two and how they work in the new version of Flames 4th Edition. MOVING MECCA Bill Gray takes a trip down memory lane and then ponders the future of Historicon as it changes venue from the heat of Virginia to New Jersey, as of 2018. THEME: FIRST COUNTER-ATTACK AT POINT For this month2019s theme, we asked Warwick Kinrade to come over with his upcoming Battlegroup: Tobruk supplement and some 20mm models and try out a scenario based upon this defence by NZ troops during the Second Battle of El Alamein. FROM CONGO TO AMAZON Nick Buxey has managed to find a whole new continent to use the Congo rules within! From the Age of the Conquistadors to the 1920s and beyond, Nick takes us adventuring in and around the Amazon. THEME: IN WITH THE NEW The release of the new Desert Rats and Afrika Korps books alongside the new version of Flames Of War, has the Battlefront Staff planning and creating new Mid-War Armies for the Desert. RULES SHOWCASE: GODSLAYER Due to be released in April of this year, the second edition of these pseudo-fantasy Bronze Age game caught our eye, so we invited Dave Saunders of Megalith Games to visit and give us a demo of the rules. THEME: PERRY MINIATURES WWII RANGE Those looking to game the Desert war in 28mm could do worse than take a look at the range on offer from the Perry2019s. We had a chat with Michael Perry about the range so far and his plans for the future. FATE, FORTUNE OR FAITHFULNESS? Barry Hilton presents a follow up to our Raids! theme in WI347, this time with warriors sporting a plethora of lace during the action at Camerat Bay in June 1694. THEME: OLD ARMIES, NEW RULES Still have a Version 3 force for Flames Of War rules? Well, Battlefront have thought of that, providing two books and support to update what you have to use in Version 4. Wayne Turner tells us more. HOW TO: 10MM ACW TENTS Paul Davies explains how to create tents suitable for use at this scale. LAST LEVY Jerry Richardson looks at some of the experimental armoured fighting vehicles and re-conditioned2019 captured tanks used in the dying days of the Third Reich, HENRY2019S BATTLEGAMES: DEEP THOUGHT Henry Hyde explores his personal history of being a wargamer, how that has served to enrich his life and how he has been comforted during difficult times. FIGURE DIRECTORY Your handy guide to the origins of almost every miniature featured in the magazine.
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