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DUNCAN MACFARLANE ? FOUNDER OF WARGAMES ILLUSTRATED (1948 ? 2021) Current Editor Dan reflects on his friend and predecessor Duncan, who recently passed away. QUICK FIRE! A rapid roundup of your follow readers? recent hobby projects. OBSERVATION POST We pass a critical eye over new 28mm WWII Yanks, Afghan Irregulars, 7TV Fantasy, and more besides. FULL PAPER JACKET What books have we picked out for your shelves this month? CHANGING THE TIDE OF BATTLE: TURNING POINTS Neil Smith introduces us to this month?s theme by musing over the concept of Turning Points in historical campaigns and battles, and how they relate to tabletop action. DALEKS IN STARGRAVE A treat from Stargrave creator Joseph A. McCullough ? a history of his Dalek love affair ? before working them into his great new sci-fi game! THE TIGER OF KAI: A TEST OF HONOUR SCENARIO Graham Davey and Kieran Byrne send spear armed cavalry specialists against peasants with matchlock muskets, in a Sengoku period scenario. BUILDING FORT NASSAU Glenn Clarke has come up with a great justification for the consumption of far too much chocolate ? follow this guide (while chomping your choice of sweet treats) to make a Caribbean fort from the leftover plastic tub. LINE OF BATTLE! As part of our Turning Points theme, expert on all things mid to late 17th Century, Barry Hilton, takes a look at when Western naval tactics changed, and tells us how he incorporated those changes into his naval rules Mad for War. TWENTY-NINE, LET?S GO! Kreighton Long builds a fine-looking Bolt Action force linked to his adopted home state of Virginia. THE TET OFFENSIVE James Griffiths examines the Tet Offensive and finds Turning Point ideas to apply to your wider gaming in Vietnam and beyond. SAMORI TURE?S RESISTANCE IN THE WESTERN SUDAN Bob Giblio presents the Western Sudan in the late 19th Century for your colonial gaming consideration. Designer?s Notes: D-DAY: US SECTOR As part of this month?s Turning Points theme, we turn our attention to World War Two and the campaign that ultimately won victory for the Western Allies: D-Day. 18MM ACW PAPERBOYS Peter Dennis introduces a ?new scale, a new adventure? for his American Civil War Paperboys. BACK TO THE FRONT ? PERRY MINIATURES FRANCO-PRUSSIANS James chatted to Michael Perry about his new plastic Prussian Infantry frames for the Franco-Prussian War. Designer?s Notes: SOLDIERS OF NAPOLEON PREVIEW Warwick Kinrade?s been battling through the UK?s Lockdowns to progress the next game in his ?Soldiers of? series and he?s giving us an advanced preview taster!

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